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 Another easy way to found help

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Another easy way to found help Empty
PostSubject: Another easy way to found help   Another easy way to found help EmptySat Apr 11, 2009 8:02 pm

Hi all,

How are you all ? Very Happy
I hope everyone well Smile It is my first post and i going to spread it out in any forum i registered. I know you all allready know about "Admin Helpdesk" room who is created by our lovely sister "camhe22" i was regular in that room with camhe sis but i found the room allways full cos after user ask for help they actually keep stay in the room and have a chat. I had talk to camhe sis i going to make another room to split up the traffic so whenever the other user cant come in to admin helpdesk room they can get me in the admin helpline just please understand one thing for me. Admin Helpline is not a offical room like Admin Helpdesk room so i am the only one stay in that room plus all private msg help request so please be patient as i only have 2 hands Very Happy I had spoken to eastern_star and he is ok with it so if u guys cant enter admin helpdeskroom cos to full pls come to admin helpline room and whenever iam online in mig but it doesnt meaning i will be online 24 hr and 7 days a week and simply if u cant get me try admin helpdesk room. thx hehehe

Kind regards
Twisted Evil
Another easy way to found help Admin10
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Another easy way to found help Empty
PostSubject: Re: Another easy way to found help   Another easy way to found help EmptyThu May 28, 2009 5:15 pm

Perasaan repost bro!!!
Kyakna di forum laen jg ada postingan mirip ini,he he he piss!
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Another easy way to found help
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